AppLoader is Protocol Independent

Forget about purchasing separate test licenses for each of the applications used in your enterprise. Because AppLoader uses robots that behave as users, it can be used to monitor the performance of all applications regardless of backend.   Learn More...

AppLoader protocol independent


Works across Industries:

HealthCare Applications

Load test healthcare applications including Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, McKesson, Epic, GE Healthcare

Higher Education Applications

Performance testing for education applications: Campus Management, Datatel, Jenzabar, CampusVue, Ellucian

Business Applications

Performance testing for any Business applications: Citrix, Oracle, .NET, SAP, RDP


testing through the cloud: Azure, GoGrid, Amazon, Google Cloud, Rackspace, Salesforce


Front end testing through Windows.

With AppLoader, you just need one solution to monitor end-to-end performance for all your
applications and technology environments. 

With one license, you can:

  • Monitor your Sales Force Application
  • Guarantee the availability of CRM systems, ERP, Citrix, Client/Server
  • Know if your e-commerce customers are getting acceptable response times
  • Be sure your custom app is up to speed
  • Verify that response times for your sales team are acceptable
  • Monitor performance of POS systems
  • Ensure all the branches can access your application