Business dashboards, business analysis monitoring: BizWatch


Real time business analysis dashboards. In business what you don’t know can hurt you. BizWatch gives you the tools to proactively manage at the speed of business and react quickly to changing business conditions. Its business analysis monitoring (BAM) and actionable alerts give you an edge in the real-time business environment. With customized dashboards, BizWatch displays enterprise-wide data for key performance indicators (KPI) on a single interface. Its real-time updates give you unprecedented, real-time visibility into all your operations.

  • View real time dashboards of your metrics organized the way YOU want them: by business process, or geographically, or server type, etc.
  • When any event occurs, immediately see which business areas are affected, and drill down to specific KPI.
  • Unique displays by user — different managers and administrators see the panels and KPI’s important to them.
  • No limit on viewing possibilities: extremely flexible interface — Organize your KPI’s into groups and subgroups on the fly

Dashboard View by Applications

BizWatch gives you an overall view of all your critical applications.Each application is represented as a panel With Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs) as groups or KPIs.

Dashboard View by systems

You can also have views by Systems or geographical locations..

See Stats by Panel

For each panel see the percentage and actual time spent in each status for the current day and the current month. Bizwatch gives you an instant SLA report by Panel as well: You can compare response times and uptime and other metric values for the current day with the percentage change from the previous day. For example: Current week vs Previous week, Current month vs Previous month.

C360 View

This feature allows you to correlate all or some KPIs under the same panel and draw your conclusions. You can also include external metrics imported through CustomWatch.

Flexible, Easy User Interface

A customized view that fits YOUR needs.

With BizWatch, you can group and display data in the manner that makes the most sense to you. Your dashboard can consist of panels with KPI’s grouped by business process, or by application, or by location, what ever you need to see.

Create and edit your dashboard view in seconds

You can even change or create new metrics or KPI groups in your view ON THE FLY. It’s as simple as a few mouse clicks and does not require any scripting or consulting hours. Updates like these take seconds, not weeks. As corporate strategies and responsibilities change, BizWatch gives your entire team the flexibility and agility to quickly react.

Personalized dashboards

With BizWatch, each department, each level of the organization, even each individual, can create their own personalized dashboards that focus on the KPI’s and areas important to their specific targets and objectives. In fact, each user can configure several dashboard profiles and toggle between them.

Advanced Features for Fault Diagnosis

Useful SLA reports

You want to see how your business is doing today versus yesterday, this week versus last week, this month versus last month. Chroniker’s BizWatch automatically generates these ready made SLA reports for you. You can even schedule them to be emailed to you or anyone on a regular basis for status updates.There are also several other useful reports such as Daily/Monthy/Yearly reports, and event lists.

Drill down functions

BizWatch offers powerful drill down capabilities. Within seconds, you can go from seeing that an entire business process has a problem, to seeing exactly what KPI or group of KPI’s is the source of the problem. By easily drilling down to various levels of granularity, operations staff can analyze root cause problems, check details for SLA’s, and study business exceptions.

Real time alerts

Now for the first time you can be alerted when an entire business process is affected, not just when one component exceeded a threshold.

Cut & Paste

Cut & Paste functionality makes it easy to move KPIs and KPI groups