Launch AppsWatch Base

After installing AppsWatch, a shortcut will be created on the desktop.

Double-click the AppsWatch shortcut  to launch the AppsWatch Base in your default browser.


Creating Application Monitor (222697448)_awlog

Note: You can also launch the AppsWatch Base by entering IP address of the Server (or “localhost”) and Web Server Port number into the address bar of a web browser.

Log in to AppsWatch (User Name: admin / Password: admin)


Creating Application Monitor (222697448)_ScreenHunter_1434_Jun


“Dashboard” page is the main interface you see when you login to the AppsWatch Base.


Creating Application Monitor (222697448)_awdash


Tip: Please refer to the AppsWatch User Guide document for more information. 

In order to start performance monitoring, you need to create an Application Monitor.

Once you go to “Applications” page, you will notice the ScenarioStation has registered itself with the AppsWatch Base.


Creating Application Monitor (222697448)_awa

Note: Ensure that your firewall is not blocking communication to the Base through web server port 8888. 

Tip: If ScenarioStation does not appear on the “Applications” page, run the “Start ScenarioStation” program from the ScenarioStation machine:

[Start> All Programs> ScenarioStation> Start ScenarioStation]

Note: The ScenarioStation is robot that executes and runs tests configured in the Base.


Configure An Application Monitor

An Application Monitor determines what (scenario) is executed; from where (ScenarioStation) it is executed; and how often (determined by Group) it is executed. Each Application Monitor controls the execution of one scenario on one ScenarioStation.

Create an Application Monitor

Click the “Applications” button to create an Application Monitor.


Creating Application Monitor (222697448)_awm


Next, select “Application Manager”  from the top menu. The “Manage Applications” tab will show up.


Creating Application Monitor (222697448)_awma

Then click “New Application” . The “New Application” page opens in a new tab;


Creating Application Monitor (222697448)_newapp


Creating Application Monitor (222697448)_new_form


Fill out the required information in each field. Here are the quick steps:

1. Select a Group from the drop-down list to establish the frequency – how often the Scenario is executed (e.g. Every 5 minutes) and the profile – monitoring schedule (e.g. 24/7) associated with the Monitor.

2. Specify an Alias (name) for this Monitor

3. Select the ScenarioStation where this Scenario will be played.

4. Select the Scenario which will be played.

Tip: “Host/Server” field and “Events” part are optional. Please refer to the AppsWatch User Guide document for more information.

Click “Submit” button.


Creating Application Monitor (222697448)_suba