Easy SNMP Monitoring: SNMPWatch


Monitor traffic errors, packets sent/received on your router, temperature of your servers, hardware failures, and more…

SNMPWatch monitors any SNMP enabled device (Simple Network Management Protocol) with real time and historical reporting, notification, diagnosis and summary of reports. Chroniker makes it simple to monitor and manage objects with pre defined and custom OID’s.

  • Monitor any SNMP enabled device or appliance — Printers, Routers, Switches, Servers, or any computer running Windows
  • Define SNMPWatch groups, each with as many SNMP queries as needed
  • Built-in OIDs: Choose from a long list of common object identifiers or enter OIDs as needed.
  • Data Conversion made easy: SNMPwatch puts data into useful units. Select from many common preconfigured conversions (i.e. time ticks to hours) or define your own.

Loaded with smart features, SNMPwatch is sophisticated, yet simple to install and use.

System Watch

SNMPwatch Groups

  • Define SNMP monitor groups
  • Manage group profiles assign monitoring schedules
  • Exclude maintenance / blackout periods per group smart, no false alarms
  • Limit view to show nodes only within a defined group