Monitor more than "Login" time.

Be on top of your application performance in your live environment 

How to run Affordable Performance Tests for any Business Process.

In this demo, learn how Automai’s robotic technology and visual approach cuts down on time and cost to test applications, (including those running on Citrix, VMware, and Windows). 

Automation throughout the lifecycle of your application.

Spencer talks about the benefits of using robotic automation throughout the lifecycle of your application, and how Automai accomplishes this. 

Functional Testing with AppVerify

Rory Monaghan demos AppVerify for functional testing for an upgrade and for operational changes.  

Continuous monitoring from the end user standpoint

EUC and monitoring your applications go hand in hand with Automai's AppsWatch.  

CUGC "Ask me anything" webinar

The Citrix User Group Community lined up a panel of experts from Automai, Goliath Technologies and Nutanix to give you real answers on how their technologies can solve a problem, make your Citrix deployment run smoother, or just make your job easier.  

Performance testing of a process in Citrix VDI

Load test the process of launching and running a custom workflow in Citrix VDI  - From Citrix User Group Conference XL Great Plains Sept 2020.