AppLoader works with Remote Desktop Services (RDS), (known as Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 and earlier), from Microsoft to generate multiple users simultaneously interacting with an application from one Windows server.

In order for multiple users accounts to log in simultaneously on the Injector server, Remote Desktop Services must be enabled. Remote Desktop Services provides a 120-day grace period during which no license server is required. During this grace period, your server can accept connections from unlicensed clients without contacting a license server.

The Remote Desktop Services (RDS) can be installed and activated in either of 2 ways:

Install using PowerShell

1. Log in to the machine (Injector server) as a user account that has administrative privileges. 

2. Open Windows search bar and type "Powershell"

3. Right-click on PowerShell and select "Run as administrator". 

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 12.31.51 PM

4. Click Yes to allow it to make changes.

5.  When the "Administrator Windows PowerShell" opens,  copy and paste the following commands in PowerShell:

Add-WindowsFeature –Name RDS-Licensing

Add-WindowsFeature –Name RDS-RD-Server –IncludeAllSubFeature -Restart

6. Press Enter and wait until it finishes.

Install using Server Manager

1. Log in to the machine (Injector server) as a user account that has administrative privileges. 

2. Start "Server Manager" and select "Add roles and features".

3. The "Add Roles and Features Wizard" opens.

4. Click "Next".

5. On the Select Installation Type page, select "Role-based or feature-based installation" and then click "Next".

6. Select "Select a server from the server pool" and then click "Next".

7. Scroll down, check "Remote Desktop Services" checkbox and then click "Next". 

8. Click "Next".

9. The “Remote Desktop Services” window appears. Click Next.


10. The “Select role services” window appears.

11. Check “Remote Desktop Licensing” checkbox and click “Add Features”.

12. Check "Remote Desktop Session Host" checkbox, click “Add Features” and then click "Next".

13. Click Install.

14. When the install completes, close the window.

Now just reboot the Injector server for the changes to take effect.