Calendars in AppVerify Manager

The Calendars section enable you to create calendars based on your requirements.

To create a calendar, select “Automation” option from navigation and go to “Calendars” section.

Here you can see the list of all calendars and basic information about them.


* Use the filter to search calendars.

Create a calendar

To create a calendar, click “+ Calendar” button on the top right side of the page.

The “New calendar” form is opened.

Name:  Specify a name for the calendar.

Description: Enter a description for the calendar.

Select calendar days or ranges: Set the start and end days for the calendar.

  • To add a new date range, click “Add new” button.
  • You may delete it by clicking “Delete”

During hours: choose the hours for the days.

  • If you set an empty End Date, the Start Date will be used for it.

Once you are done, click “Create”. The “New calendar” form closes and the new calendar is displayed in the calendars list.

You can create multiple calendars for different purposes (holidays or exceptions) and use them in the schedules.

Edit a calendar

Hover over the calendar and click “Select” , make the changes, and then click “Update” in the calendar form. The changes are saved.

Delete a calendar

Hover over the calendar and click “Select” , then click “Remove” to delete a calendar.