How to handle different app objects when scripting.

Learn how to approach different objects with ScenarioBuilder to minimize failures.

Below is a table of types of app objects that we interact with and their behavior

*Note: Recorder usually finds the image that is supposed to appear after a click or return.  If you are scripting manually, add “Find Image” to check the action has the expected result:  choose an image that will appear if it is successful (An image on the next web page or next screen of an application, or field or dropdown that should appear)


Type Identifier Considerations Success criteria
(What is expected to happen)
Free form text   Indicate where to click to start typing Field content changes
Validated text   Add a wait 2 sec after typing text. Some apps are slow validating  
Input Field Empty Rectangle with label outside on the left. Look for the label, move mouse to field. Always click to enter text. For next fields, use Tab.  
Input field with a default value Input field with text inside a rectangle Double click on the field  
Dropdown field Input field with a small triangle on the right

Look for the label. Click on the triangle. Follow logic of different behaviors of drop down:

  • Type text
  • First letters
  • OCR (Find text in image)

If long dropdown, Scroll down and repeat search (Using Loop)

Field surrounding area (bottom) changes
Pop-Up windows open up
CheckBox Small rectangle with label on the right   Box changes (checked or filled in) after a click on the field or label
Radio Button Small Circle with label on right   Button filled
Buttons One or two words inside a rectangle
-maybe another button to its right-left or below it
Usually, the words are
-Save, cancel, yes, no, update, ok, login, logout...
Color changes when the mouse in the rectangle.
We click on the button. Sometimes the recorder will record the color when the mouse goes over it. You will need to change the Findimage to be of the image before the mouse over.
Usually, a new form opens or a message is loaded.Determine if the button will disappear
or another image should appear
  Wait until screen is fully loaded before looking for image. (In browsers, check for refresh icon to left of search field) Image that is on new screen is recognized. (can be tab in new color)
Link Text color different from the rest of the text Text is underlined when mouse over or if Link has been previously clicked. To avoid problems, crop image area to exclude the underline New image to look for on new page.
Scroll   Use Mouse wheel, Page Down, or DownArrow. Click somewhere empty first to make sure in correct window. Find image