How do I install Sessions Controller?

This article provides step by step directions for downloading and installing Sessions Controller.

Sessions Controller is installed as part of the robot install (ScenarioStation, rTester or rWorker). However, it can also be installed standalone. This article is for performing a standalone install.

Specific software needs to be installed for Sessions Controller to run. When you run the installation wizard, if the prerequisite software is not already installed on your computer, the wizard detects which software is missing. If you continue with the installation, all missing prerequisites will be installed.

The following prerequisite software needs to be installed:

· Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86)

Follow these steps to complete the installation.

1. Download SessionsController.exe to the desired machine, and then double-click the file to begin the installation.

step 1

2. Click Next to continue. The “Sessions Controller” screen appears.

step 2

3. It defaults to the user name of the currently logged on user. Enter the credentials, including the domain of the user under which Sessions Controller will run.

step 3

When done, click Next. The “Select Destination Location” screen appears.

step 3a

4. If needed, click Browse and select the desired install location. Once the install location appears in the textbox, click Next. The “Ready to Install” window appears.

step 4

5. The installer now has all the information it needs. Click Install to begin the actual installation.

step 5

The progress is displayed. When done, the finish window appears.

step 5a

6. Click Finish. After installing the Sessions Controller, it will launch automatically and the “Add new session” window opens.

step 6

7. Click Close to close the window.

8. Make sure the Automai Sessions Controller service is running after the installation. To check this, open Task Manager and go to the Services tab.

step 8

If the service is stopped, it means the user credentials were inserted incorrectly during the installation steps. To fix this issue, follow these steps.

a. Right-click on Automai Sessions Controller and click Properties.

b. Select the Log On tab.

c. Enter the correct credentials. This is the username, password, and if needed, domain name with permissions on the computer where Sessions Controller is installed.

step 8c2

d. Once the correct credentials have been entered click OK. You will be prompted to restart the service, or you can start it manually.