How to upgrade ScenarioBuilder

Please read the guidelines below and follow the instructions to upgrade ScenarioBuilder.

Besides minor updates, there are also major release upgrades; upgrading will provide access to all the new features and improvements.

Before upgrading ScenarioBuilder , review the Release Notes as they may contain important information about changes in functionality with the latest release.

If ScenarioBuilder is already installed on your environment, you can check for updates/upgrades by clicking on Help in the menu, then click on "Check for Updates".

If there is no update/upgrade available, you will see below message:


If you would like it to automatically check for updates when you launch ScenarioBuilder, check the "Check for software updates automatically" option.

If an upgrade is available, you will see this message:


Click on the link to download the new version of ScenarioBuilder from Automai.

Run SBSetup.exe.

Important:Make sure to choose the correct installation folder and install the application in the location where ScenarioBuilder is currently installed.

The "C:\Program Files (x86)\Automai\ScenarioBuilder" is the default location.

Note: When upgrading between major versions (e.g. from 8.3.x.x to where the first two numbers are different), you do require a new license. To request a new license, please contact Automai Support team.

Once the upgrading process is completed, check the “About” section to see the latest version that is installed.

Tip: If the "Check for software updates automatically" box is selected, when you launch ScenarioBuilder and have Internet connection, ScenarioBuilder will check for an available update/upgrade automatically. If an update/upgrade is available, you will get the update/upgrade available message. If not, you can download the ScenarioBuilder installer here.