How do I analyze load test failures?

AppLoader Controller allows you to analyze errors using graphs and screenshots that show what was happening during points of failure in order to better understand the limits of your system and/or your application.

Go to "Test Analysis" section, then click "Analyze Failures".

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In the left panel, any steps in a scenario that failed are listed along with the number of failures that occurred.  A graph shows the time errors occurred for the highlighted step and screenshot thumbnails below the graph show what the screen looked like at the time of each error:

How to analyze load test failures_ (115002198367)_ScreenHunter_605_Mar

Click "By Injector" option to see the errors based on Injector(s).

By clicking on any data point in the graph, you can see the screenshots that happened at the specified time: 

How to analyze load test failures_ (115002198367)_ScreenHunter_615_Mar

Click on any screenshot thumbnail to view the screenshot in larger size.

Click on a different Test Failures step, or click the same step again to reset the graph and screenshots after filtering.