How to configure the Injector to run multiple concurrent RDP sessions with one user account?

On the server, click Start and open the search/run box.
Type tsconfig.msc and press <ENTER>
Right click on "Restrict each user to a single session"
Click on ‘Properties’
Uncheck “Restrict each user to a single session”
Click “Apply” then Click “OK”
Open the Vstation.ini> file located under the NRGGlobal> Injector folder
Change //type=server > to type=server
Save changes and close the window.
Create a folder called users> under the directory NrgGlobal/Injector/work
Open the AppLoader Controller
Select an “Injector”
Click on “Define rUsers”
Select “One rUser” under the ‘Mode’ section. Then click on ‘Submit’
Click on ‘Start rUsers’