How to define and start user sessions in Injector from AppLoader Controller?

Before running a test, the user sessions should be started, connected and ready in Injector machines. This article will walk you through how to define and start users in Injector.

Define rUsers

Defining rUsers is the first step in preparing a load test. Once rUsers are defined, this step does not have to be repeated unless rUsers are deleted.

Note: Define rUsers only applies to AppLoader suite if the Injector is installed on a server, if the Injector is installed on a PC, rUsers cannot be defined and only a single user can be generated from a PC. 

Follow the steps below to define rUsers:

Go to "Injectors" section and click “Define rUsers” button in the menu bar. 

"Injector rUsers" window pops up;

Mode: Select the type of rUser accounts to create from the drop down menu (Incremental; From CSV File, One rUser).

  • Incremental – Choose this mode if testing in a non-domain environment. Local user accounts will be created simultaneously on the Injector machine within the AppLoader Controller.  
  • From CSV File – Choose this mode if your testing environment requires that you use authenticated domain users. Domain user accounts must already exist on the machine hosting the Injector prior to starting rUsers within the Controller. A CSV (comma separated values) file containing username, password, and domain must be prepared in advance to launch users in this mode. See "CSV File Format" section to learn how to format a CSV file for this mode. 
  • One rUser – Choose this mode to allow multiple session IDs to use one username account.

Incremental Mode

If Incremental or One rUser modes are selected:

Start Index: Specify the numerical index form where the users will be launched. 

User Name: Provide a generic user name for rUser accounts.  Apploader will add a sequential numeric suffix to make each account unique (e.g. ruser001, ruser002, ruser003, etc…).  Usernames must be compliant with the Windows server requirements.  Recommended value: ruser

Password: Enter a password for the rUser accounts.  The password must be compliant with the Windows requirements.

Click “Submit” to issue the “Define rUsers” command.

From CSV File Mode

If From CSV File is selected:

The "CSV File to Import" option appears.

CSV File to Import: If using “From CSV File” mode, click on to navigate to the CSV file containing the user accounts and upload it to Apploader Controller. 

Start Index: Specify the numerical index form where the users will be launched. For Injectors using CSV files, this is the line number in the CSV file.

CSV lines per Injector: This number is used to set rUser ranges on Injectors. By default, the value is empty which means Injector will start rUsers from the first line of the CSV file. (i.e. rUser001)

For example, if the value is set to "10" and the CSV file includes 20 lines of domain user accounts (i.e. rUser001, rUser002,...,rUser020) and it is used in 2 Injectors, then if you start 10 rUsers on each Injector: rUser001 to rUser010 will start in Injector 1 and rUser011 to rUser020 will start in Injector 2.


CSV File Format

The CSV file must contain user names, passwords, and domain name with no header row, no spaces before/after commas. Dedicate a row to each user. Below is a sample CSV file:





Tip: CSV files can be created in Microsoft Excel - “Save as type” CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)  or with a word editor like Notepad – “Save as type” All Files (*.*) and add the .csv extension to file name.

Once you are done, save the file and close it.

Start rUsers

The next step in the process is to “Start rUsers”. This process launches the rUserManager on the Injector and initiates the rUser logins. 

Note: Start rUsers only applies to Injector if it is installed in a Windows server.

Follow the steps below to start rUsers:

Go to "Injectors" section, select the desired Injector and click “Start rUsers” button in the menu bar. 

“Start rUsers” window pops up;

Number of Users: Specify the number of users to start on the selected Injector.

Launch Delay: Specify a launch delay in seconds.  The system waits this amount of time after starting each rUser.  It is recommended to use a delay value to avoid overloading the system by logging in multiple user accounts all at the same time.  For example, a Launch Delay of 10 results in a new rUser logging in every 10 seconds.

Click “Submit” to start rUsers.

Started rUsers can be viewed on the “Real Time” page of the Controller.

Note: If rUsers are not created prior to launching a test, Injector will automatically create users in the Injector machine for the test.

Tip: If starting domain users, we recommend that you start with one user account at first, if it works well in the rUserManager, then start the desired number of users.

You can also start rUsers by clicking on the link How to define and start rUsers through the Controller_ (115003944568)_ScreenHunter_636_Marbutton. Copy the link and paste it on the web browser. You can change the number of users in the following link.

Once you open the link on your browser, you will receive the "Start rUsers command was successfully sent." message.


Note: Another way to define and start domain users is to use "Domain" option in the Injector form. Follow the steps below:

Go to "Injectors" section, select the desired Injector and click Screenshot_1-101 button to edit the Injector.

"Injector" window opens;

1. Enter your domain name in the "Domain" field (i.e. automaidc) and click "Submit".

2. Next, click "Define rUsers", specify the desired username and password and click "Submit".

3. Then, click "Start rUsers", specify the desired settings and click "Submit".