How do I enable email notifications in AppsWatch?

This article provides directions on setting up email notifications for AppsWatch. It covers SMTP configuration and adding an email reaction.

Setting up email notifications in AppsWatch will enable alerts to be sent to user emails when user-defined events occur. To set up email notifications the SMTP Server needs to be configured, then an email Reaction needs to be created and configured. Once the Reaction is configured it can be added to any Monitor.

Configure SMTP Server

To begin setting up the SMTP Server, follow these steps:

  1. Click Setup in the top menu.
  2. Click SMTP Server Configuration. The "SMTP Server Config" page opens.
  3. Fill out the SMTP Server Form.
  • SMTP Server: Enter the IP address or hostname for your SMTP server
  • SMTP Login: Select this check box if your SMTP server requires you to login.
  • Secure Login: Select this check box if your SMTP server requires secure login. (only enabled if SMTP Login is selected)
  • SMTP User: Enter the username to use to log into the SMTP server. (only enabled if SMTP Login is selected)
  • Password: Enter the password that corresponds to the entered SMTP user. (only enabled if SMTP Login is selected)
  • Send Mail From: Enter the email address from which mail will be sent.

4. Click Submit.

5. Click Test Settings. The Test SMTP Settings form opens.

6. Enter a To Email, Subject, and Message.

7. Click Test.

If an email was received at the "To" address, your SMTP server configuration is correct. If not, review the debug log and confirm your entries in the SMTP Server Form.

Set up a Reaction

To create the reaction to send an email alert, follow these steps.

  1. Click Reactions in the top menu of the 'Configuration' section.
  2. Click Add New Reaction.
  3. Set the Reaction Type to email.
  4. Fill out the rest of the form, select which variables to include in the email.
  5. Click Submit.

When creating a monitor in the 'Events' section the email reaction can be paired with any of the 'Events'.