How to make Scripting successful.

This article provides tips and tools to help you organize your scripts to make updates easy for the lifetime of your scripts.

If you want a quick proof of concept to confirm that ScenarioBuilder will work with your app, then install on a PC and create your script.

However, if you are looking to do a more advanced POC or have acquired an Automai license and have a live project and are starting to create automation scenarios, you need to consider a few things to optimize your scripting experience.

Think before you leap (into scripting)!

Robot Location and Access

First determine how your automation scripts will be used and where your robots will be installed. You want to create the scripts mimicking the robot’s environment, access, and connection parameters.

If you create a script on a PC, but your robot will play it back on a server, then you might encounter some failures. It is recommended to use Sessions Controller to create the scripts on the machine where the robot is installed.

Make Sense of the Script Before You Dive In

Taking some time to think about your business processes that you need to automate and how they are composed will help you organize your scripts in a way that will circumvent issues when updating and managing them in the long run.

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What business processes are you automating?
  • What sections do they have in common?

Go through the process yourself on your apps before beginning to record your script.

Now you can organize your scenario using Global Scripts, Sections, components, and more.  Please see this article to learn about the useful the entities of a scenario and how they can help you.