How to instruct a bot an action has completed when there is no specific image to look for to indicate completion.

When you run a query that returns different results each time, you can't take an image of the returned results.

A person running a query will intuitively know it is completed if the next screen changes.  However, a bot needs more specific instructions.  

Automai bots use images to know when a form is done loading before continuing to the next step. Usually, the robot will look for an image of a field, button, or a menu item.  But if this not possible, then we tell the bot what image should NOT be on the screen.  

Let's take a situation where we are already on the form and the only change that will occur is the data returned by the performed query. So the area where the data is displayed will change. Therefore the image of that area (before the query) will not be the same after the query is done.  

In this case, we recommend taking that image (from before the query) and using the "wait for image to disappear" action. This is the "Find Image" with one property "wait image disappear" checked.

This action will succeed if the image has changed and it will fail if it stays the same