How to update AppsWatch and ScenarioStations?

Please read the guidelines below and follow the instructions to update AppsWatch.

Occasionally, modules* will be updated with bug fixes or new features. If the update is signified as an important update, it should be applied as soon as possible. Otherwise, the update can be applied at any time to receive the changes it contains. Please review the information contained in the Release Notes.

Updating AppsWatch is quick and easy and can be done in a couple of minutes.

The AppsWatch Base will download and apply the latest update automatically upon initial installation; it will also update the connected ScenarioStations.

If the modules are already installed on your environment, they can be updated by logging into the AppsWatch Base and then clicking Update Available button on the navigation pane.

How to update AppsWatch and ScenarioStations_ (221400427)_Screenshot_74

If there are no updates available for your installed module, you will not see any notification. If there are updates available, download and install the updates by clicking Yes when the window below appears.

How to update AppsWatch and ScenarioStations_ (221400427)_awupd1

Once the updating process is complete, check the “About” section to see the latest version installed.

Note: When updating between minor versions (e.g., from version to where the first two numbers are the same), you do not require a new license file.

Tip: Restart the “SStation.exe” process for the connected ScenarioStations if they were not updated.

Important: Sometimes ScenarioStations might not get the updates due to security or network reasons, if this happens; you can go to "...\NrgGlobal or Automai\AppsWatch\apps\update" folder and run SSupdates.exe on your ScenarioStation machines manually. 

*By using the term “Module”, here we mean AppsWatch Base and ScenarioStation modules.