How to upgrade AppLoader and Injector

This article provides steps to upgrade AppLoader and Injectors.

Please read the guidelines below and follow the instructions to upgrade AppLoader.

Besides minor updates, there are also major release upgrades; upgrading will provide access to all the new features and improvements.

To upgrade AppLoader Controller and Injectors:

1. Before upgrading AppLoader, review the Release Notes as they may contain important information about changes in functionality with the latest release.

2. Backup the current AppLoader data

Tip: To back up the data, first stop the three AppLoader Services: AppLoader Controller, AppLoader Scheduler, and AppLoader WebServer.

Next, go to the “…\NrgGlobal or Automai\AppLoader” folder and save the “data” and "archives" folders. Then go to the “…\NrgGlobal or Automai\AppLoader\apps” folder and save the "screenshots", "scenariostore" and "timelines" folders.

Once you are done, restart the AppLoader services.

Important: AppLoader does not support downgrade between major/minor releases. It is strongly recommended to back up your data before any upgrade.

3. Check your license keys.

When upgrading between major versions (e.g. from to where the first two numbers are different), you do require a new license. To request a new license, please contact Automai Support team.

4. If the modules are already installed on your environment, you will see Upgrade Available notification on the navigation pane of the AppLoader Controller.

How to upgrade AppLoader and Injector_ (221400367)_Screenshot_76

If there is no upgrade available for your installed module, the notification icon will not appear. If there is upgrade available, download and install it by clicking Yes button as seen in the image below.


If the download prompt box doesn't appear, download the new version of the AppLoader from Automai.

5. Run ALSetup.exe file.

Note: Make sure to choose the correct installation folder and install the application in the location where AppLoader is currently installed.

6. Put the new license under “…\NrgGlobal or Automai\AppLoader\license\” folder.

Note: If you receive the error below after AppLoader upgrading process is complete, click OK and finish the process.


7. Download the new version of the Injector from Automai.

8. Run IJSetup.exe in the Injector machines if needed.

Note: Please make sure to do the upgrade process for the Injectors. The AppLoader Controller and the Injectors must have the same major X.X version.

Tip: To view installation steps, please refer to the AppLoader Installation Guide document.

*By using the term “Module”, here we mean AppLoader Controller and Injector modules.