I am trying to run my scenario on a computer different than the one where it was recorded and it can't find any images. What is the best way to fix this?

ScenarioBuilder provides an Image Retake feature to address this issue. This article covers its use.

Use the Image Retake feature to replace an image, or add multiple images to your image actions during scenario playback. This is recommended when your scenario is being tested on a desktop or test environment other than that one used to create it. Differences in OS, color depth, resolution, browsers, etc. can be alleviated with this feature. 

1. Click the Run tab.

2. In the Image Retake section, click Play.

How to use _Play with Image Retake__ (115004333588)_ScreenHunter_671_Mar

ScenarioBuilder will begin playing back the scenario. When any image action does not find its associated image, scenario playback pauses and a warning window pops-up:

How to use _Play with Image Retake__ (115004333588)_i

3. The Retake Image dialog box pops up simultaneously in the lower right hand corner of the desktop.

How to use _Play with Image Retake__ (115004333588)_image

4. From the pop-up dialog box, you can perform the following operations:

  • Click the image thumbnail to replace the image currently associated with the action.
  • Click Alternate Image  to keep the current image, but add an additional image to the action. 
How to use _Play with Image Retake__ (115004333588)_ScreenHunter_674_Mar

5. Click Continue on the pop-up menu to resume scenario playback.

NOTE - if you resume scenario playback without resolving the failed image action, scenario playback         will halt and report a failed execution.

If you exit the dialog box it will halt scenario playback and return to ScenarioBuilder.