How can I use the ScenarioBuilder Recorder toolbar to more efficiently create scenarios?

This article provides information and tips on using the Recorder toolbar when recording a scenario to more quickly complete your scenario.

Scenario Recorder makes it easy to create your test scenarios. In Record mode, just use your application the way a user would, and the recorder will capture your keystrokes and mouse clicks as they occur. The Scenario Recorder toolbar provides quick access to many of the commonly used actions in ScenarioBuilder, while remaining in record mode.

To begin, create a new scenario in any mode other than "Manual Scripting", or click the Record button on the Home tab. ScenarioBuilder will minimize and the Scenario Recorder toolbar will open in the lower right corner of the desktop.

The icons, from left to right, are:

  • Record/Pause
  • Play Scenario
  • Stop Recording
  • Capture Image
  • Add Transaction
  • Add Comment
  • Help
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Expand the Scenario Recorder toolbar to display additional buttons by clicking the expand icon next to the X in the right-hand corner. The buttons on the upper row, from left to right, are:

  • Show Recorded Activities
  • Add Actions
  • Add Variable
  • Add Component
  • Add a Sub-scenario
  • Undo previous action
  • Redo previous action
Expanded toolbar

You are now ready to create a test script by clicking on buttons and links and entering text as a user would. The recorder will capture images, keystrokes, and mouse clicks for you. Click Show Recorded Actions to see each action as you are recording it. When you are done recording, simply click Stop and the Recorder will close, sending you back to ScenarioBuilder with all your scenario steps listed. That's it! Now you can edit your scenario if needed and play it back by clicking Play on the menu.

During recording, you can also click Pause and then Play on the Recorder to play back your recorded actions thus far.

At any time during the recording of a scenario, you have a variety of options that can be performed by clicking the Recorder buttons. Some commonly used options are described next.

Capturing Images

By default, images are captured automatically when recording. However, you have the option to turn off that feature. When automatic capture is turned off, a camera icon appears. Click the camera each time you want to manually capture an image. Sometimes you want to capture an additional image for a step to supplement the automatically captured image. You can do this from the Capture Image drop-down by selecting Add Alternate Image.

Choosing a new option will change the icon in the Recorder and put you into that Image Capture mode.

The option Take image of the clicked area is the most common mode for automatic capture. This tells the Recorder to take an image of the screen wherever you click. This is useful for clicking on icons, buttons, or links in your application.

Data Entry Forms

If you are testing a screen that uses data entry forms, it can be helpful for the Recorder to capture labels to better identify the fields you click. You can choose the Image Capture option that describes the direction labels are positioned in your application relative to entry boxes. For example, you would choose Find labels LEFT of clicked area if the screen you are testing has labels that look something like this:

Label Example

Screens with Variations

If your click area might look different during playback, you can use Manual Image Capture to choose an image that you know is consistent in all variations of playback. These situations may occur when a different user logs in, or when variations in data entry cause changes in color, icons, or wording near the place you want to click. For these situations, change Image Capture mode to Stop Capturing Images Automatically. Then click on the Capture Image Manually button. Your cursor will change to a screen capture tool. Click the spot where the capture box is positioned over the image you wish to capture or resize the capture box by pressing the CTRL key twice and then dragging the cursor around the image you wish to take. Choose a name for the image when prompted and then click Accept.

After this image has been captured, your next click will be anchored to this image. After that, you can switch back to one of the Automatic Image Capture modes, such as Take image of the clicked area to have Scenario Recorder capture images automatically for your next actions.

Scenario Recorder Menu

This is a full listing of all options on the Scenario Recorder menu.

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