I have a lot of scenarios and I have a hard time finding the one I want. How can I make it easier to find a scenario?

ScenarioBuilder provides a feature called Tags that can aid you in finding scenarios. This article covers how to use the Tag property.


As you continue creating scenarios, you might end up with a large number of scenarios at some point in a project. At that point, if you want to identify your scenarios, you might want to be able to look for a certain set of scenarios based on a criteria. What's the solution?


Tags are one of the solutions that ScenarioBuilder offers. Tags are great for making searching easier because you can use any words or numbers that make sense to you. You can think of Tags as keywords.

You can define each scenario with a useful tag. Let's see how you can add tags to your scenarios.

1. Open a scenario. With the scenario selected (first step), view the Properties panel.

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2. Find the Tag(s) property and click the + (Add) button.

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3. In the Tag #1 text box, enter the word, phrase, numbers, etc. that you want to use to search for this scenario.

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4. A Scenario can have as many tags as you like. Just add them one by one to the scenario by clicking +  button.

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Note: You can remove the tag(s) by clicking "Delete"  button.

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5. After you are done adding the tag(s), save the scenario.

Now you can search your scenarios easily by tag.

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As soon as you enter the text, only the scenarios that meet the criteria of the search text are displayed.

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