Introducing AppsWatch


AppsWatch is Automai's application monitoring solution that tackles the ultimate performance monitoring challenge: Measuring availability and response times of ANY application from the end-user’s perspective.

In minutes, AppsWatch reveals answers to questions that have been plaguing you for months or even years!

  • Where are the slow points in my application?
  • When did performance degradation start?
  • Is there a trend to this behavior?
  • Which transaction in my application is slow?
  • What other activities are occurring during the slow period?
  • Are performance problems caused by network, server, application or database issues?


In this guide we will explain how to build a test scenario, send it to the Base, and start monitoring application performance in under 5 minutes while providing tips, best practices and technical insights along the way. Our goal is that you can apply the examples demonstrated in this document to a performance monitoring in your environment. At the end, we will explain how you can monitor different applications performance with multiple stations with a few simple steps!