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Ensure web page is loaded before continuing script.

Avoid failures by taking this step when recording your script.

When you are recording a process, it is best practice to ensure that a page loads completely before continuing with actions on that page. 

The reason is that images may load before the page is completely loaded and SB will click on images that don’t produce the desired result.  

Scenario Builder will know the page has successfully loaded when it finds the refresh icon to the left of the browner bar.

To do this, follow these steps:

After the page loads, simply click on the image capture button in the recorder, (if it is not on “Capture Images Manually” showing a camera, click on the arrows and choose “STOP Capturing Images Automatically”:

page is loaded_1_2
page is loaded_1

Then Click on the Camera Icon.

page is loaded_2

page is loaded_3
page is loaded_4

Click and drag to capture the refresh icon to the left of the browser bar.  (the window is the size of the last capture.  To make it resize as you drag, hit Control)

If your image is successfully captured, name it and Accept.

If you want to continue with your process and have the recorder automatically capture images as you go through your actions select “Take image of the clicked area”.  (if you want to capture another specific image during your recording, just follow the directions above for manual capture)