Managing Passwords

Create, store and retrieve production environment passwords with Automai's Password Manager

In order to provide higher security of production environment passwords, Automai has password management actions. Instead of being stored in text files, usernames and passwords can be saved in and retrieved from a vault in Microsoft password manager.

With “Manage Passwords” you can create new passwords, store, and retrieve them when you need to access the application.

Let's walk through it: Click on “Manage Passwords” in the actions column. 3 actions are available:

Generate Password

This will generate a random password for the robot to use in a scenario.


  • Password Length - specify the length
  • Include checkboxes - select what character types should be included (letters, mixed case, numbers, special characters).
  • Variable Name - designate which variable you want to use to retrieve the password. Either choose an existing variable from the drop-down, or type in a new one using the format %password%.

For visibility and troubleshooting, you can use a Dialogue box action to see the variable or variable string at this point (this can be commented out later).

Save Password

This action saves a username and password in the Microsoft password manager. It can be a password from a Generate Password action, or a password of your choosing.


  • Account Name - enter the the account name (usually contains the name of the application you are accessing) This will be connected to a username and password.
  • User name - enter a username directly, or enter a variable with % around it (%name%)
  • Password - to use a generated password that is stored in MS password manager, enter the variable name you gave it in the Generate Password action (%password%). To enter a password directly, type into the field directly.
  • Encrypt Text - only select this box if you want the password to be encrypted for security reasons. If selected, the password and even the variable name will show as ***********. NOTE - once selected, the original password or variable can never be viewed again (if the checkbox is cleared, the password and variable will show as a string of random characters).

Retrieve Password

This is where you indicate where to save the password locally for the robot to use in the scenario.


  • Account Name - enter the account name associated to the password you want to retrieve (set up in the Save Password action). Scenario Builder will automatically pull up the associated username and password.
  • User Name - enter a variable name (e.g. username)
  • Password - enter a variable name (e.g. password)

These variables would be called up by the robot when executing a series of steps. (for example, open Epic application, enter %username%, enter %password%., etc)