Navigating Drop Down Menus with Scenario Builder

Dropdown menus are part of many apps. They can be tricky to script correctly, read on for tips.

Every dropdown menu acts differently depending on your application.  When you need to script this process, consider the following:


Find the dropdown menu: Look for the label and the input field with a small triangle on the right.  Recorder may do this, but check that the image contains the label too (if there are other dropdowns on the page)

Consider the way it behaves:

  • Some drop downs you can simply type in the name of selection and it jumps to it.  In this case simply have ScenarioBuilder type the word or enough letters to make it unique. Once the option is found, press Enter, Tab, or click on the image to make the selection.
  • Some drop downs make you type the first letter, and then search for the right selection. In this case, have a type text action that types just the first letter, then have a Click on Image step to make your selection. Instead of a Click on Image action, you can also use the Find Text in Image action as described here
  • If the application does not allow you to type to make the selection (such as the dropdowns at the top of Google docs, or word), then use Click on Image action to make your selection.


What if the list is long and your selection is not visible without scrolling?

If you can’t type to jump to your selection, you will need to scroll down to find your selection.  In this case, use a loop function to scroll down and search until the correct option is found.  See this community post