rUsers disconnect from the Controller randomly

During the test execution some rUsers and or Injectors disconnect from the injector

If this behavior only happens during the execution of some tests then most likely the issue is caused by the scripts that are running when the disconnect happens.

AL Load test send scripts

If all the rUsers from some injectors get disconnected before the test even starts then most likely the Injectors spend a good amount of time downloading the scripts and their resources and the Controller moves them to the disconnect state.

The fix in this case is the uncheck of the "Send Scenarios" option found in the start test run window

Otherwise, to establish that this is indeed a script issue, perform any of the tasks below:

  • Check resource usage on the server where the rUsers are getting disconnected from and make sure that during the test the cpu and memory are not maxed out.
  • Run the same test with half of the users on injector
  • Run a load test with the same number of users but using a simple script. For example the script can open Notepad.exe, wait 20 sec, type hello, then close Notepad.

If the resource usage is high or the rUsers don't disconnect while running a fewer number of users or simple script then you can focus on the script.

If, during the test, your scripts fail a lot and after each failure you need to restart the application client or the web browser, this can strain and overwhelm the injector server and cause the rUsers to run out of resources.

HOW TO RESOLVE THIS: You can fix this issue by adding the "Funnel Point" action to the area of the script that restarts or reconnects to the application after a failure. The funnel action works at the injector server level and allows you to control how many rUsers will execute the following actions at the same time.