Scheduling a Load Test in AppLoader


Is it possible to schedule a load test in AppLoader?


Yes, you can create tests and schedule them to run automatically at a specific time.

Schedule New Test

Once you have created and saved your test plan, you can schedule the test to run by:

1. Click Scheduled Tests List in the menu bar.

Scheduling a Load Test in AppLoader (221753307)_mceclip0

2. Click Schedule New Test. A new row will appear.

Scheduling a Load Test in AppLoader (221753307)_mceclip1

3. Schedule a test by:

  • Selecting the desired Test Plan or Execution Flow from the drop-down menu.
  • Select a date.  The date can be chosen using a calendar widget.
  • Enter a time.
    Note: The test will run at the time you entered according to the timezone you have set on your AppLoader Controller machine.
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  • To receive load test results, enter the email address you would like to receive them. 

Note: You need to configure SMTP email server capability before AppLoader can send notifications. Please refer to the Test Plan Notifications section in the AppLoader User Guide for more information.

  • Add a note for your scheduled test
  • Once all setting have been set, click Save.
Scheduling a Load Test in AppLoader (221753307)_sss

When the selected date/time for the test arrives, the Controller will start rUsers automatically if needed, the scheduled test will be removed from the “Scheduled Tests List” and it will be shown as active on the “Real Time” page.

Note: If a load test is in progress, the Controller will wait until the current load test is completed before starting the execution of the scheduled test.

Edit Scheduled Test

To edit the properties of an existing scheduled test before the execution, click inside the field you wish to edit for the desired scheduled test.  Make edits and save.

Delete Scheduled Test

To delete a scheduled test, click the icon next to the desired test;

Scheduling a Load Test in AppLoader (221753307)_del

Click “Yes” to confirm the deletion of the scheduled load test.

View Scheduled Tests List

On the Managed Tests page, click Scheduled Tests List to see a list of all the scheduled tests.