Types of licenses supported by Automai - AppVerify


What types of licenses are supported by Automai?


Automai supports the following licensing options:

Trial License: Trial or “Evaluation” licenses are available for all Automai products and allow you to download and run a fully functioning product for a period of up to 14 days from installation. Trial licenses are for demonstration or evaluation purposes only.

Single License: A Single or “Leased” license generally restricts use of the application to one user/machine. This means that the application cannot be installed for free on different computers/servers. This type of license also has an expiration date.

Permanent License: A Permanent or “Purchased” license is a normal license that is linked to only one machine. This type of license never expires.

Floating License: Floating License is the most flexible method of licensing. A Floating or “Token” license allows many users to gain access to the applications from any computer on the network.

Floating licensing requires a server to handle license requests and control license usage. A License Server administers a pool of licenses to be shared. The number of tokens determines the number of users who can run the applications concurrently. Tokens do not tie to a product. When the applications are closed, the tokens return to the pool for other users with any token enabled application to use them.

A Token license is not locked to a single computer and can float on a network. This is why it is referred to as a "Floating license". This type of license also has an expiration date.