Using Variables for Coordinates

If you need to provide dynamic coordinates you can use variable values instead of static coordinates. This article covers how to use variables.

The following actions can use variables for the coordinates.

  • Click on Image
  • Find Image
  • Find Text in Image
  • Mouse Move and Click
  • Move Mouse
  • Move Window
  • Load an Image Into a Variable

To use a variable, include the variable enclosed in percent signs (%) in place of the numeric value. A variable can be used to replace a single coordinate, all of the coordinates, or any combination in between.

Numeric Coordinates Example

Numeric Coordinates

Variable Coordinates Example

Variable Coordinates

Items to Note About Using Variables as Coordinates

If you are using variables for coordinate values and open the action in Smart Image Configurator or Smart OCR Configurator the variable is removed and the coordinate value will be changed to a 0. Make any needed adjustments in the Smart Configurator and then apply the changes. You will have to add your variables back for the coordinates.

If you promote or demote (move left or right) a step that is using variable coordinates, the coordinates will be updated to numeric values and will no longer use the variables. If you still want to use variables, you will need to add them.