How do I validate a scenario and then send it to a base (AppLoader, AppsWatch, AppVerify, Automai RPA)?

Follow these steps to validate a script and then send it to a base.

Verify it in ScenarioBuilder

1. First, play back the scenario as many times as necessary to ensure that it performs as expected when executed multiple times.

2. Set the reference time (in the Execution Report window after a successful scenario playback). This will be used to calculate delay in the load test.

Validating and Sending Test Scenario (222696068)_report

3. Save the scenario.

4. On the Home tab, click Send scenario. You will see a dialog box indicating “Send successful” upon completion.

5. Close or minimize ScenarioBuilder.

Correcting a Send Failure

If scenario is not received by the Base, ensure that the IP Address or Hostname of the Base is properly configured in ScenarioBuilder.  

1. Click the View tab.

2. Click Options.

3. Click the Base tab. Verify the accuracy of the address and port information. Update if needed.

4. If you do see an entry for your Base, click Add to enter your Base information.

5. Click Test to test the connection between ScenarioBuilder and the Base.

Validating and Sending Test Scenario (222696068)_awb