rTesters in AppVerify Manager

Robot Testers

This section provides you an option to view and manage Robot Testers. Additionally, you can see the messages generated by rTesters.

To open the “rTesters” page, simply select “rTesters” option from navigation.

Live view

By default, the rTesters are displayed in “Live view” mode. This mirrors the Robots desktops and you can see the tests being executed by the Robot Testers.

Here you can also view each rTester log with more details.


*To make the rTester window bigger, click "Expand" and click "Shrink" to reset the window to the default size.


Click " Open in new tab" to view the Robot’s desktop.


IMPORTANT: Any activities such as moving the cursor or clicking during the execution might affect your Test run results.

List view

The “List view” mode provides you with options for editing and deleting rTesters. It also displays detailed information about rTesters.

To view list of rTesters, click "List view".


Upon installation, the rTester will register itself with the Manager.

* rTesters can only be added to the Manager during the installation process

rTesters statuses:


1. Online (Available): rTesters with this status is not running a test and can execute tests. Available rTesters may be reserved by clicking “click to reserve”. Reserved rTesters will not be selected to play a test run until they are available again.

2. Unavailable: rTester is running a test and cannot be used until it’s done executing.

3. Reserved: rTester cannot be used until it’s released. You can release it by clicking “click to make it available”.

4. Offline: rTester is not running.


Note: You can start the Robot Tester process by using “Start rTester” shortcut.

* To edit an rTester, select the desired rTester;


After modifying the rTester details, click “Update” to apply the changes.

To delete an rTester, select the desired rTester and click “Remove”.

Once you click on it, a message pop up will be displayed;

Click “Yes, delete” button to finalize the deletion of the rTester.