What are scenario types in ScenarioBuilder?


It looks simple when you just have one, two, or maybe five scenarios in a project. However, in real life you may have 10, 20, or more scenarios for each application under test. They may represent different purposes (e.g. perform a functional behavior, business work flows, etc). How do you identify them? How do you manage execution for this complexity?


For this, ScenarioBuilder has provided a way to organize your scenarios and their execution by using scenario types. You can specify the type of scenarios when creating scenarios; the options are:

Process Scenario: Perform a business process. e.g. create invoice.

Global Scenario: Perform actions that are the same across a project.

Flow Scenario: Master script that calls other process scenarios to simulate a business flow. e.g. create customer, create invoice, receive payment.

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If you need to change a scenario type after it has been created, you can do so by changing the Scenario Type property for the scenario.