Load & Performance Testing

Are you launching a new application? Upgrading to a new version? Migrating to virtual machines? Moving your application to the cloud?

Do you know how your new application will perform when you go live? How about with 100 end users, or 1,000? Going live or moving to the cloud without load testing can have dire consequences, yet most load testing solutions cost too much to consider. And most organizations don’t have load testing tools that work with all their business applications.

Fortunately, Automai has developed a high performance and highly affordable load testing solution to ensure the readiness of all your business applications. Our load tester tests any application, even custom ones. It replicates the projected number of end users, from actual end-user environments, to give you real-world results. As a result, you won’t have to guess how your application will handle a given number of users, you’ll know.

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Application performance and availability monitoring

FACT: 3 out of 4 times enterprises learn about application performance problems from end-user calls to the help desk, despite having multiple network monitoring tools in place.

FACT: 82% of enterprises say slow application performance affects their productivity.

Yet traditional monitoring tools detect problems only 1/5 of the time.

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At Automai,

we understand that when your applications are slow, you’re losing business. Slow application response times can eat away at employee productivity, turn away customers, frustrate business partners — in short, impact your bottom line.

That’s why we’ve created application performance tools that monitor application availability and application response times for any application from the end user’s point of view. Whether it’s Citrix monitoring, Oracle, SAP, or web applications, AppsWatch gives you a new perspective for peak performance. As a result, you can see exactly what your employees, customers, and business partners see — in order to identify, and resolve, poor application performance before it impacts your business.

Unlike traditional monitoring software that looks at servers and networks, Automai’s performance management solutions measure actual end-user response times and correlate it with back-end events so you can pinpoint the root cause of performance problems without the typical back-and-forth finger-pointing across departments and networks.

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