ScenarioBuilder Release Notes ScenarioBuilder Release Notes



Ability to copy/paste screenshots in “Smart Image Configurator”


“New Scenario” form improvements

Minor UI enhancements

Fixed Bug

Fixed issue with deselecting all actions in a scenario

Fixed issue with finding images when DPI settings has non-default value



Ability to filter scenarios by scenario types/tags when opening scenarios

Added “iteration” variable to scenario failure message

Added “Continue On Failure” property to “Web Service Client” action

Added “Tag(s)” property for identifying scenarios

Added “Scenario Type” property for better usability of scenarios

Ability to edit and move actions and view properties window by hovering over the actions

Added “Private Browsing” property to “Open URL” action

Added “Skip If” property to ScenarioBuilder actions to skip or execute actions based on a defined condition


Combined “Send Changed Files” and “Send All” options into “Send Scenario” button

Changed default tolerance to “0”

Major UI enhancements

Improved “If” action by adding “EMPTY” status in case of an empty variable

Made Scenario Recorder faster and more automated

Many minor enhancements to “Smart Image Configurator”

Fixed Bug

Fixed issue with stopping scenario recorder in case of failure

Fixed issue with showing failed report when a transaction is executed quickly

Fixed issue with sending var images of sub-scenario(s) to the Controller/Base

Fixed issues with deleting component/scenario with the same names



  Added “Web Service Client” action to the Actions list to be able to test and integrate Web Services/APIs with scenarios

  Added “Find CSV Line” action to ScenarioBuilder actions list


  Improved date format of the scenarios XML files

  Change “Write To Log File” action name to “Write To File”

Fixed Bug

  Fixed issue with not being able to edit “Type Text” action when copying/pasting the action

  Fixed issue with scenarios project name when copying project to a new one



  Added “Team Foundation Version Control” capability

  Added “Smart Image Configurator” to be able to view, search and configure images actions based on failure screenshots

  Added “Release License” button to “About” page to be able to release license for token-based licensing type

  Added “Default Image Tolerance” to Scenario’s properties to help searching for images

Fixed Bug

  Fixed issues when a CSV file is attached to “Loop” action

  Fixed issue with “If” action when using more than one condition

  Fixed issue when using “Navigation keys”, “Lock keys” and “Numeric keypad” for “Key Combination” action

  Fixed issue with “Read Text Into a Variable” action that adds two extra lines

  Fixed issue with exporting scenarios when users have limited access to the system



  Add “Additional Keys and Actions” property to “Type Text” action properties

Fixed Bug

  Images cannot be saved after capturing when project names have space at the end of their names



  Command line action no longer returns a carriage return at the end of the output

  Only visible windows are now searchable in ScenarioBuilder


Fixed Bug

  ScenarioBuilder cannot find image after setting an image variable for it

  After importing scenario(s) to another project, the “projecttname” attribute is not changed in the scenario.xml file

  “Show Differences In Not Found Images” property does not work correctly

  Fixed issue with “Computer Think Time”



  The image magnifier position will be changed based on image location

  Ability to launch Controller/Base in the default browser by double clicking on the “CONTROLLER” address on the status bar

  Ability to open project folder in the file system by double clicking on the ACTIVE PROJECT name on the status bar

  Ability to view Player’s most recent logs through “ScenarioBuilder Execution Report” window

  Ability to delete images from project images folder by right clicking on the images in properties window

  Ability to rename images names by right clicking on the images in properties window

  Ability to view failure screenshot with higher quality in BMP format

  Added “Show Images Names” option to view images names in the middle pane by clicking on the images

  Ability to save ScenarioBuilder Execution Report as a CSV file


  Ability to play scripts from project folder through AWPlayer via commands

Fixed Bug

  Mouse location cross red indicator leaves traces

  ScenarioBuilder shows “Error Message:” text in the balloon message when user puts empty value for “Type Text” action

  ScenarioBuilder freezes after clicking on “Group Actions”


Fixed Bug

  fixed the version number on About page

  Added “On Failure” property to “Loop” action to specify the action in case of loop failure



  Added “Quick Feedback” form to the “Help” section which allows users to send feedback to the NRG Global website

  Added “Open URL” action to be able to open a specified URL using a specified browser which can be the default one

  Added feature to remember the last three captured shapes for “Capture Image” option


  Images and failure screenshots quality improvements

  Improvements in “Check for Updates” section to check NRG Global website for any available Upgrades/Updates

Fixed Bug

  Fixed issue where the user would be prompted to save any open or unsaved scenarios before switching the project

  ScenarioBuilder sends scenarios when the “Reference Time” is set to zero

  Multiple instances of ScenarioBuilder can be opened in trial version

  ScenarioBuilder waits for “0” milliseconds when setting a variable for “Wait” action



  Ability to stop the execution of the scenario by double-clicking on the balloon on the right side

  Added “Random Action” to ScenarioBuilder Actions list

  Added “Stored Image Coordinates” property to “Find Image” action


  Improved “Find Text in Image” and “Read Text Into a Variable” action icon

  When adding a new action (or pasting action) into a parent node, the action is added as the first child and not the last one

Fixed Bug

  By editing a project’s fields; ScenarioBuilder creates a new empty project with the changed fields

  Fixed issue with “Function Keys” and “Key Combination” for Navigation keys, Lock keys and Numeric keypad

  Fixed issue with creating and deleting a new project with empty name using “Project Manager” section

  Fixed issue with creating a new project that includes invalid characters

  Fixed issue with “Copy/Cut/Paste” functionality in “Switch-Case” , “If-else” and “On Failure” actions

  Fixed issue with “Mouse Coordinates” property for “Mouse Move and Click” and “Mouse Move” actions when setting variables or integers for (x, y) values

  ScenarioBuilder shows an incorrect list of scenarios when opening scenarios in “Detail Mode”



  Ability to copy, export and import projects

  Ability to view “Debug OCR Text and Image” for the “Find Text in Image” action in the middle pane

  Added “Debug OCR” property to “Read Text Into a Variable” action

  Added “Repeat”, “Timeout”, “Sleep Time'”, “Action Key if no image”, “Timeout after Key press” and “Debug OCR” properties to “Find Text in Image” action

  Ability to add action to Favorites , script and add as a child by right clicking on the action

  Ability to crop image to remove useless borders or information for aesthetic reasons or to focus on certain&nbspelements in it

  A fully zoomed preview of the image under the mouse cursor is displayed during image capturing

  Added “Send to Base” property to the “Take a Screenshot” action

  Ability to view scripts images with child actions from the middle pane by double clicking on them

  Ability to capture additional images for scripts and send them to the Base/Controller


  Improvements in “Project Manager” section

  When creating a new scenario, scenario name cannot contains dots

  An improved design of the “New Scenario” section

  Improvements in using “Key Combination” and “Function Keys” actions

  Improvements in displaying the actions properties in the middle pane

  Improvements of viewing the scripts images in the middle pane

  Added “Auto” and “Single Block” values to “OCR Type” property to “Find Text in Image” action

Fixed Bug

  ScenarioBuilder stops randomly with an error when deleting actions in very large scenarios

  Fixed issue with “Use Anchor” property of the “Mouse Move and Click” and “Read Text Into a Variable” actions

  Scenario window could be removed by clicking on “Remove Component” option

  “Function Keys” action was not recorded after adding the “Add Type Variable” action

  Changed CSV files were not sent correctly to the Base/Controller when using “Send Changed Files” option

  If the images are inside the Transactions, ScenarioBuilder does not show them in the Scenario Resources



  Ability to get different types of Licenses from a centralized License Server

  Improved “Enhanced Image Search”

  Improved middle pane to show scripts images and important properties of different actions

  Ability to create / save projects and scenarios when the Projects Base folder is selected from a UNC path

  Ability to add actions after the previous one (Top level action)

  Improved “Text area” property

  Ability to select all actions of the scenario from “Action Context Menu”

  Ability to hide Properties panel for Scenario preview in Options section

  Ability to view ScenarioBuilder License information in “About” section

  Ability to select variables in “Switch/Case” action

  Ability to add space in the scenarios names when creating new scenarios

Fixed Bug

  “Mouse Move and Click” action wasn’t set in the right place during the recording

  ScenarioBuilder window was not opened in the center of the screen when launching the application for the first time

  When creating a new scenario for the first time, ScenarioBuilder shows the “Scenario Explorer” window instead of the “Actions” window

  Fixed issue when creating a new scenario in a different Project Base folder

  Running a scenario with multiple sub-scenarios by “Play Step by Step” doesn’t work correctly

  Duplicate CSV files inside the scenarios and components

  Searching scenarios and images doesn’t work correctly

  “Advanced Image Capture” property doesn’t work

  ScenarioBuilder doesn’t show an appropriate message when the license is expired



  Improved “Failure Screenshot” in “ScenarioBuilder Execution Report”

  Ability to change the “Color of Image Capturing” in “Options” section

  Ability to calculate “Default contrast for Black and White Search” for Images in “Options” section

  Ability to add “Default picture Tolerance” for Images in “Options” section

  Ability to go to scenarios steps

  Ability to play scenarios with one iteration and multiple iterations

  Added sample image of text to assist while choosing the contrast in “Read Text into a Variable” and “Find Text in Image” actions

  Ability to read white text in “Read Text into Variable” and “Find Text in Image” actions by using OCR option

  Hide the characters during the typing when the “Encrypt Text” is checked

  Showing “Image Search Area” in the screenshot when finding image is failed

  Ability to add “Default Image Search Area” when image is captured

Fixed Bug

  Correcting “Actions” window position in ScenarioRecorder and ability to move the window

  Project scripts and components are not separated when it is switched to another project

  “Read Text into Variable” action by using OCR option reads incorrect characters

  Copying “Find Image” action with a “Mouse Move and Click” child action

  Excluding “Computer Think Time ” from execution report gives wrong results


Fixed Bug

  Scenario Explorer freezes after trying to open large scenarios with multiple components and sub-scenarios


Fixed Bug

  In “Scenario Resources”, components images should only be viewed in “Components Images”

  “Click Type” should be “Double Click” when creating a new scenario with “Click on App Icon”

  Fixed issue with “Add Alternate Image”

  When creating a new scenario with ScenarioRecorder, ScenarioBuilder should be maximized after stopping

  Hiding of left and right windows when ScenarioBuilder is launched for the first time



  Adding the image size and location in the balloon message

  Press “Enter key” to finish the capturing image

  Images are not scaled the same vertically and horizontally

  Missing of cursor during capturing an image



  Improved ScenarioBuilder performance when managing multiple scripts

  “Send Scenario” new options: 1. Send Changed Files 2. Send All

  Help toolbar includes Help Contents, Quick Start Guide, Sample Scenarios, Technical Support, ScenarioBuilder User Community, Check for Updates and About.

  Scenario Explorer window that includes scenario’s script, components and CSV files

  During capturing image, ability to change the size of image and move the capture box using keyboard keys

  Ability to export the documents and additional folders when exporting a Scenario

Fixed Bug

  Searching for a word that does not exists

  Missing of CSV files and components icons in the “Scenario Explorer” window

  Ability to import the documents and additional folders

  ScenarioBuilder crashes during the process of replacing the images with “Image Retake”. And changing the mouse’s position for the “Mouse Move and Click “when user replace images

  ScenarioBuilder does not send the new files (images, CSV files) that have been added or changed

  Changing null values position in CSV file

  Missing of CSV files and images with space in their name when exporting a scenario

  Replacing images with the same names in the project

  Scenario Explorer and “Play Script” action: ScenarioBuilder does not open the scenarios or components. And also it shows the CSV files empty.

  Manage saving scenarios in different projects

  Successful execution report status for a new blank scenario

  Saving all components after playing a scenario

  Image Search Area and Showing duplicate variables with the same name inside the “Select Variable” window in “Load an Image into a Variable”

  Define components with the same names inside the same project


Fixed Bug

  Showing all variables from CSV files inside different components

  ScenarioBuilder freezes during setting the “Text Area” or “Image Area”

  ScenarioBuilder freezes by moving “If” action with mouse

  “Set A Variable” and “ExecMyImageStatus” in “If” action

  “Execution Status Variable” in “If” action inside a “Loop” action

  “Undo” and “Redo” buttons do not work correctly

  “Take Playback Images” inside components does not work

  Showing all new variables inside different components

  Showing multiple “Recent Actions Windows” in “Play Step by Step”

  Creating a new scenario without creating a new project, creating a new scenario that includes invalid characters



  Ability to use variables for window names and classes

Fixed Bug

  The base server address for the Controller should be configurable per user

  Fixed issue with UNICODE CSV files