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Testing Java Applications: Traditional Load Testers vs Load Testing with AppLoader on Java Applications

Java Application Testing

You have a new critical Java application that you would like to launch. Your team has spent many hours setting up this application, and you are counting on it to perform when it goes live. The last thing you want is for all of the hours spent on this application to go to waste and for the users of the application to be frustrated by poor performance.

In order to prevent this from happening, you need to perform a load test to test how the application performs under different levels of usage. Selecting the right load tester is critical to the success of these tests.

Traditional load testers for Java applications are problematic. Traditional load testers are expensive to set up since consultation fees, licensing fees, and labor fees can add up quickly with traditional load testers. Once the load test is set up, traditional load testers are so inefficient that it can take months for a simple load test to be completed. Making adjustments to the load test is also a nightmare.

This lack of flexibility in traditional load testers will make it more difficult for you to conduct the most useful load test possible, since you want to test both for expected and higher-than-expected usage.

Another limitation with traditional load testers is that many do not test from the end-user’s point of view. Testing from the end-user’s point of view will give you the clearest sense of how your application will perform. This is especially important with Java applications that have both offline and online components.

An alternative to traditional load testers on the market today is AppLoader. AppLoader is an affordable, efficient and effective load tester for all types of Java applications. AppLoader gives you the flexibility to test your applications at different usage levels without costs and time spiraling out of control.

Because AppLoader is so efficient, you can minimize time to market and free up resources to focus on making the application even better.

This fast and reliable application further distinguishes itself from traditional load testers by not requiring any scripting, being capable of testing any application in any environment, testing from the end-user’s point of view and giving you relevant reporting that you can use.

All of these advantages suggest that AppLoader is a solid investment for any business running Java applications, regardless of their size and the industry that they are in.

With AppLoader, load testing your Java applications no longer needs to be an expensive luxury for just a few businesses. By making this practical investment, your application can go live without being shrouded in uncertainty over whether or not it will perform in the way that it is expected to perform.


Good load testing will ultimately make the users happy, the bottom line healthier, and customer service better. That is good business!



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