Website Availability Monitoring, DNS Monitoring: NodeWatch


Availability monitoring of your entire environment:Websites, Servers, Appliances, DNS, FTP, Mail Servers, Databases, etc.

NodeWatch monitors the availability and response time of your servers, applications, websites, ports, appliances, and other systems — giving you a complete view on the availability of your environment.


  • ICMP/Ping check: Routers, Switches, and other vital network components
  • Monitor Servers or any TCP Connect based application: DNS monitoring, FTP monitoring, Web server monitoring, Mail server (SMTP, IMAP, POP3, etc.) monitoring, Application server monitoring
  • Pertinent reports based on users’ needs: Give users views and reports on the nodes and tasks that are relevant to them. Limit your view to show only those nodes within a defined group or particular alert status — very useful when monitoring hundreds of nodes!


Ask yourself:

“Do I have total peace of mind on availability?”

“Do I really know which servers and appliances are up and how well they are performing?” 

“How easy it is for me to access this information? …or add a node?” 

“Will I be aware of technical failures before they hurt my business?”