You are ready to download and run AppVerify in your environment!

You have 2 options:

Option 1

Quick test – Build scenario to see it work with your application.

Before setting up a full test, see how it works with your application.

Download ScenarioBuilder on your PC (Windows) and build one scenario emulating an end-user on your application. (must have access to the application for the test).

Option 2

AppVerify Suite.

Install all 3 modules of AppVerify (the Controller, rTester, and ScenarioBuilder) on the same Windows server/PC


Install the rTester(s) on different Servers/PCs. This way you can run your automated tests faster and monitor the execution of them from different locations. Be sure to install ScenarioBuilder with one of the rTesters.

Sessions Controller is a Remote Desktop Sessions manager for creating scripts remotely. Install on your PC or server and connect to the machine where the robots will run.

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