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Code-free, EUC-driven robotic automation solutions for every team and every part of your business:

Create custom workflows without code and share dynamically generated scripts across the enterprise.

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Automation that simply works in your environment.

Use out-of-the-box.
Install nothing on your app servers or network.

Solutions for:

Automai easy maintenance

Smart Recorder makes creating your automations a breeze.

Just go through your business process from your endpoint (fat client, thin client, web portal).

Automai’s intelligent recorder will analyze your interactions and identify what it needs to playback your scenario under different conditions.

Your ‘script” is instantly presented as a list of actions in plain English.

Project Director, HP

"Without AppLoader's thorough testing, it simply would not have been possible to put a key application into production for North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services. AppLoader helped us to identify hardware and software deficiencies prior to implementation."

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