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As a pioneer of image-based testing tools, we established a niche in the performance testing market, and applied our technology to application monitoring, automated testing, and now business automation.
Why work in the automation field? At a time when many industries are static, if not shrinking, the field of robotic automation is expanding.

Automated testing and monitoring

As businesses become increasingly challenged to maintain satisfactory performance levels of their enterprise applications, the focus on testing and monitoring intensifies. Add to that, the need to integrate multiple software applications and subsystems, mid-ware and servers, and frankly, you have an IT nightmare. Thankfully, our robotic front end approach tackles testing all levels, protocols, apps in an elegant way.

At Automai, our developers and engineers are staying one step ahead of the “IT nightmare” by developing image-based, protocol independent testing solutions that ensure not only that applications can co-exist, but that they perform at their optimal levels.

Business automation

Businesses today have to do more, and faster, with less. Robotic automation is becoming an urgent necessity for all industries. With our OCR, image recognition, and intelligent learning, our core automation technology has been able this for years. It is exciting to see it in action with our clients.

We need people who have not only have experience, but will listen to what our customers have to say. We want to solve their problems and grow a community. These are the challenges that face us, and which we embrace every day. If you’re looking for an opportunity to grow with an emerging technology leader, consider a career at Automai.


Automai is always looking for bright, enthusiastic individuals to join our team. Consider enhancing your college education with real-world experience in the areas of programming, technical sales, and marketing.

Please submit resumes to resumes@automai.com

Founded in 2000, Automai is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and is privately held.

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