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Automai partners with Goliath to bring end-to-end application monitoring to more companies as remote access usage surges.

Los Angeles, CA and Philadelphia, PA – August 25, 2020 –  Today, Automai and Goliath technologies announced their partnership to provide end-to-end application monitoring to companies worldwide who are using Citrix and other remote access technologies.  Goliath has long specialized in finding and alerting on infrastructure issues with session initiation, logon duration, and session performance. 

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We are changing our name

New Name, Clearer Focus We are changing our name to AUTOMAI. We are shedding our original name “NRG Global” that originated from our consulting origins and donning AUTOMAI which better speaks to our strength in Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Necessity can bring out the best in us.  This is what happened to us at Automai and how our intelligent

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How to Protect Your Businesses from Cyber Crime and Hackers

William Malsam Business2Community April 12, 2014 Increasing Vulnerability It seems essential that modern businesses utilize technology as a means of generating effective administration tools and an online presence. And, as companies rely more and more on the Internet and commercial websites, they become more vulnerable to threats from hackers and cyber-criminals. Today, businesses have more

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Clear Vision, Accurate Info Help Create Killer Apps

Got a great idea for the next big web app? Don’t let natural barriers stop you from turning that idea into a money making business. Clear Vision First Start by getting a crystal clear concept, including how it might look when you put it online. Mark Zuckerberg wanted to connect his college. Sergey Brin and

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NRG Global and Citrix Partner Up to Provide Cutting Edge Testing of Citrix Applications

NRG Global and Citrix partnership promises to solidify image-based technology’s presence in performance monitoring sector. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jul. 25, 2013 – LOS ANGELES, Calif. — NRG Global, the software performance testing and monitoring company, and Citrix formed a partnership to introduce image-based performance monitoring software to a wider audience. NRG Global’s AppsWatch passed all

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Intelligent Session Recording for Citrix and Calabrio

Streamline your recordings while protecting the security of sensitive data.

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