Work smarter with on-demand load testing

You focus on the outcomes not load testing, and we’ll set up the cloud-servers, create the scripts, run the tests, and generate the actionable reports.

On-demand load testing

A turn-key load testing service for rapid, accurate results

Need to load test your application or website, but don’t have the time, resources, or budget to create your own test bed? Have you always assumed that sophisticated stress testing and performance testing was limited to those with large budgets and an army of experts?

With Automai’s on-demand load testing solutions, you now have a way to reliably and easily test the real-world performance of your website and business applications — without having to invest the time and money in developing an expensive testing infrastructure of servers and other hardware.

Automai partners with the leading cloud providers to get you secure and failsafe bot environments from which to accurately simulate your anticipated load, up to tens of thousands of end-users, with realistic loads from multiple points of presence.

Support for any application

Unlike other on-demand testing services that only support web testing, Automai can test any business application you have — including Citrix, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, client-server, web, custom applications, and more.

Unlimited resources

Whether you need to simulate 50 or 50,000 users, Automai partners with the leading cloud providers to offer you servers at worldwide locations for your load tests.

Rapid roll-out

Automai’s on-demand services virtually eliminate the ramp-up time associated with traditional in-house testing.

We can help you run complex test scenarios, analyze the results, and pinpoint the root cause of problems. And best of all, your resources can be spent focused on optimizing your applications, not your testbed and test tools.


Automai’s on-demand load testing significantly reduces testing costs — there is no hardware or infrastructure to buy, software licenses, or additional staff. You only pay for the testing resources you need at the moment, nothing more.

No risk

By turning to Automai’s team of experts, you can avoid the traditional pitfalls and risks of stress and performance testing.

Full-service experts from A to Z

By partnering with Automai, you benefit from a single source for your entire load testing life cycle. You do not have to worry about managing multiple vendors and consultants. Our full-service solutions cover everything — from defining test strategy to analyzing results.
Automai’s testing experts work with you to build the user scenarios and load test criteria that will best meet your needs. Then our team will rapidly configure the cloud test environment, and you’re ready to begin. Our experts can even assist you with analyzing the results and fine-tuning your system.
"After evaluating a few different load testing products, we chose AppLoader for its turnkey service package and ready to use hardware configuration. AppLoader matched the demand we required for stress testing the performance of our Oracle application before moving it to a public cloud."

Kas Naderi
CIO, CompuCredit Corporation

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