Automated testing for continuous delivery in Citrix environments.

Continuous testing as part of Citrix version upgrades. 

automated citrix testing

Designed for continuous delivery and integration

Seamlessly automate testing of Citrix throughout your development cycle, no matter the complexity of the environment.

Test your applications for compatibility issues during ongoing operational upgrades.

“AppVerify allowed us to automate all of our Oracle Enterprise Business Suite tests. We continuously test all of our critical ERP processes and make sure that everything works as it should."
Steve Sutphin
Senior Oracle EBS, Expert Consultant​

Reduce testing time by up to 95%

Totally code-less testing scripts

Testing means executing tests and fixing problems. It should NOT entail coding. Build automated test scenarios of your own workflows in minutes.

Automatically create scripts

Simply click through your applications as a user would and Automai will create the scripts for you.

Never write code

Code-free scripts are presented as actions anyone understands. Playback and watch the bot navigate the process.

Make changes quickly

Easily edit and add logic to your scenarios anytime.


Success depends on automating continuous testing

Confidence throughout

Automatically test performance and functionality after every change or upgrade.

Know exactly what doesn't work.

Define expected outcomes. Bots will run the scenarios and report back with screenshots of failure if the outcomes differ from expected.

You can share these with teams to resolve the issue before deployment.

Explore automated continuous testing with AppVerify

Stay ahead of changes in your business processes. No coding required.