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Whether you need to test application performance, monitor your business apps, run automated regression tests, or automate business processes, Automai has the automation software you need!

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Performance Testing

Be confident before going live. Automate load and performance testing of your entire business process from the end user’s perspective.

Automate and test every application in your business process.
Start small with one scenario and run against a load. No coding.
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Application Monitoring

Monitor performance and response time of every application from the end-user perspective.

Proactively catch and resolve issues before users are affected.
Build a visual scenario and start monitoring your applications.
Test Automation

Continuous Functional Testing

Keep pace with change in your environment. Test more, test faster with flexible automated testing.
Test your business process. Keep pace with agile development.
Data drive tests. Set up scenarios that run through multiple apps.
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Robotic Process Automation

Automate repetitive, time consuming tasks.
Free up people to think big and watch your business grow.​
Everything you need to automate your business processes.

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