Automated data-driven functional testing

Functional testing with your test cases across the release cycle to support agile software development.

Test more, test faster

Complete whole system tests in hours, not weeks. Eliminate coordination with end-users and test on your schedule.

Never write code

Click through your application and your scripts are created and displayed as everyday actions we all understand.

Define your outcomes

At validation points, which you define, AppVerify will look for expected outcomes to determine if the test case passed or failed. Validation points can be inserted anywhere!

Automatically create scripts for all test cases

AppVerify allows you to account for all possible test cases by simply adding data to a form. It will apply this data to your script to automatically generate test cases.

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Centralize your testing

Know your tests are covering your current business needs. Dictate what test scripts and test data are being used and keep testing consistent across projects.

Successful businesses continuously test their entire business process

Changes are constantly being made to applications and systems in your environment.

Every change requires testing of all your apps.

Use AppVerify for automated testing of your entire business process with all of your test cases!

Functional testing for any environment

The power of Automai’s engine behind AppVerify

Functional testing from the front end

Testing from the user standpoint is the most accurate way to test your business applications.

Test every application with one license

Yes! Use AppVerify for testing all your applications in your business process – out-of-the-box - no plugins.

Intelligence and logical reasoning.

Eliminate false positives due to dumb robotic errors. Automai adapts as a human would to screen color differences, geometry changes, font changes, moved images, etc.

“AppVerify allowed us to automate all of our Oracle Enterprise Business Suite tests. We continuously test all of our critical ERP processes and make sure that everything works as it should."
Steve Sutphin
Senior Oracle EBS, Expert Consultant​

A unified robotic automation platform

Use the same scripts for performance testing, functional testing, application monitoring, and robotic process automation.

Load Performance testing
Data-driven functional testing
Application Monitoring
Robotic Process Automation

Ready to Automai your testing?

Find and focus on the right issues, quickly. No coding required.