Automated Citrix testing from the front end

automated citrix testing

Simplify load testing of Citrix virtual apps and desktop environments

Automai Loader’s clean front end approach allows you to test all your critical business processes that run through Citrix virtual apps and desktop without installing anything on the Citrix server, your apps, or the network.

Automai Loader bots use image recognition, OCR, and intelligence to simulate masses of users logging into Citrix, opening apps, running programs and reports, and performing all the transactions involved in your business process.

Automai Loader is used worldwide for testing the performance of Citrix environments.

See how long it takes your users to:

Know the end-user response time at any step of the process, under any load.

Results that you can act on

Get screenshots when failures occur – See exactly what appears for the users when the application doesn’t perform as expected. Share with your vendors and other teams to communicate and resolve problems quickly.

View overall performance stats, ramp-up times, and failure screenshots in one dashboard.

performance testing dashboard 01

Short time frame? No API’s? No problem

Forget about testing with canned scripts and measuring login time. Every business is unique and so are your processes. With Automai’s robotic automation platform, you can create a custom workflow for a process just by recording yourself navigating through it, no matter how many types of applications are involved.

Automai’s intelligent robotic technology will constantly survey the screen while you navigate through, and quickly create a Scenario Script for you. This is presented as a list of simple actions (screen, mouse, and keyboard actions) that everyone understands.


Quickly add variables, loops, and rendezvous points.

Deploy bots to execute your scripts from key locations.

Maintain your scripts easily by changing global variables and retaking images when the application changes.

Use your scripts to continue monitoring in production.

"I didn't have much programming experience and I found Automai Loader to be very intuitive and easy to use. With the help of Automai's excellent support, I was always able to simulate scenarios that we need to test thoroughly."

Tony Dow
Systems Administrator, CACI Knowledge & Administration Management Division

Explore automated performance testing with Automai Loader

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