VMware horizon performance testing and monitoring

Automai’s code-free robotic platform makes automated load testing and monitoring of your VMware horizon applications easier than ever.

VMware horizon performance testing and monitoring

Robotic automation makes testing VMware horizon applications easy and accurate

When testing or monitoring the performance of VMware applications, we focus on testing the metric that matters most: what is happening on the user’s desktop.

Nothing installed on your servers or network

With AppLoader, bots are simulating the user journey through VMware applications from their own desktops, generating load from different locations.

You can see this happening before your eyes. So you get performance results with detailed info down to the image or field that didn’t appear on time.

performance testing dashboard 01

Test with custom workflows - without writing a line of code

Forget about testing or monitoring with canned scripts for VMware horizon. Every business is unique and so are your processes.

With Automai’s robotic platform, you can create a custom workflow for a process just by recording yourself navigating through it, no matter how many types of applications are involved.

While you navigate through the process in VMware horizon. Automai’s intelligent robotic engine will constantly survey the screen, takes note of your activity. Then it will quickly create a Scenario Script for you. The script is presented as a list of simple actions (screen, mouse, and keyboard actions) that everyone understands. You can edit individual actions easily.

These scripts can be used for both testing in the dev environment and for monitoring in the production environment.

"I didn't have much programming experience and I found Automai Loader to be very intuitive and easy to use. With the help of Automai's excellent support, I was always able to simulate scenarios that we need to test thoroughly."

Tony Dow
Systems Administrator, CACI Knowledge & Administration Management Division

Easy maintenance

When updates or UI changes to VMware horizon occur, you can globally update your scripts with new images.

Automai easy maintenance

Proactively monitor performance of your VMware horizon apps

Use AppsWatch to keep you on top of application performance in production. Bots continuously navigate your processes from desktops at key locations and alert you of slowness and other issues…. before users notice them.

See what the user sees

As in testing, the bots will take screenshots when errors occur so you see exactly what appears for the users when there is a problem.

Predict what will happen

Use the trending reports to anticipate improvement and degradation of performance at certain times. With the controlled transactions at regular intervals, Automai gives you the most accurate trending reports possible.

It has never been easier to streamline testing and monitoring of your applications.

With one automation platform, the same scripts are used and centrally maintained for all testing and monitoring. Every team has access to automation scripts with the latest changes to accommodate the current version.

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