Robotic automation webinars

Continuous monitoring from the end user standpoint

EUC and monitoring your applications go hand in hand with Automai’s AppsWatch. In this demo at the CUGC XL Great Plains conference, we discuss the importance of monitoring of your applications by continuously accessing them from the end user perspective. Learn how Automai allows you to do this with robotic automation and the benefits over other

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CUGC Ask me anything” webinar”

The Citrix User Group Community lined up a panel of experts from Automai, Goliath Technologies and Nutanix to give you real answers on how their technologies can solve a problem, make your Citrix deployment run smoother, or just make your job easier. Discussion Moderator: Steve Greenberg CTP Fellow Featured Panelists:  Sam Benihya CTO Automai Thomas

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Performance testing of a process in Citrix VDI

Load test the process of launching and running a custom workflow in Citrix VDI  – From Citrix User Group Conference XL Great Plains Sept 2020. Sam Benihya (CTO Automai) demos how easy it is to execute a load test using bots to launch Citrix VDI and run a custom workflow involving Salesforce. Shane Kleinert, Citrix

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