Robotic automation webinars

Flexible prebuilt workloads for EUC environments

Get going quickly with your automations with Flexible, Pre-built User Stories (workloads) to meet your exact needs. Learn more tips and some nuts and bolts on building automations that are commonly used in Citrix, AVD, and all EUC environments

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3 EUC challenges solved with Automai

Lead solutions architect from Choice Solutions discusses three EUC challenges faced around Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service (CVADS). In this 5 min video, he shows how to solve them with a short demo of Automai’s CVADS on Azure Persona. To learn more, sign up for a full demo here.

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Robotic automation of applications in Citrix environment

There is no better way to understand RPA than to see hear first-hand about it from a company using it. As businesses are tasked with doing more with less, Robotic process automation become one of the fastest growing implementations in businesses in recent years. One of the biggest challenges faced is automating processes that involve

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Robotic Monitoring

How Robotic Automation takes Monitoring to the Next Level

The use of robotic technology allows you to monitor performance of your apps more precisely and easily. By working from the GUI as a user does, robotic monitoring enables an EUC approach to monitor speed and issues across apps in any workflow. The solution is non-intrusive as it requires no coding or installation on your

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