GE Healthcare performance testing and monitoring

GE Healthcare application performance testing and monitoring

Discover automated performance testing and monitoring for GE Healthcare and every application used with it (Citrix, 3rd party apps, etc). Catch and resolve issues before your users notice. 

A different approach to load testing applications

Quickly test the performance of your application from your end-users’ perspective. Test through all application layers, such as Citrix, third party apps, etc, with one install and without wrappers or coding.

See how long it takes under load for your users to access and perform tasks like these:

Vendor Software
Citrix Terminal Server VDI VMware Web Portal
EHR Database PM Database .Net SQL
Enterprise Scheduling
Inpatient Clinicals
Inpatient Financials
Interim Management
Pateient Portal
Practice Management
Process Analysis
Process Optimizations
Project Management
Surgical Management

Discover what your users see when using GE Healthcare

Know what is working and what is not working.

Dive into view an individual user desktop when it slows or fails.

Capture screenshots of failures so you can report specifics to the right teams.

Overall view on your test with the ability to zoom in on bottlenecks.

Front end robotic technology takes performance testing to a new level

With bots accessing your applications in masse from the GUI on their individual desktops, you get a true view of your apps performance, freedom from protocol restrictions, and flexibility to test what you want.

Build custom workflows easily

Go beyond testing load performance using only “Log-In time” and canned scripts for Task, Knowledge, and Power Users. Now you can easily define the workflow for your own workloads to fit your business processes… even complicated ones that involve many applications.

Install nothing on your application servers

With our robotic automation approach to testing, nothing is installed on your application servers, or your VDI (Citrix servers, AVD, etc) Bots acting as real users access your systems through the front-end en masse, and report what they see from their desktop.

Test across any application, any framework

Test processes that involve multiple applications, through any access points (VDI) (thin, fat, clients, web applications). No API’s or Plugins required

Automai Loader is the only front-end driven performance load testing tool on the market.

Monitor much more than GE Healthcare software availability and “Log-In time”

AppsWatch bots will simulate each step of even your most involved processes: from login, filling out fields, to navigating between apps, reading and transferring data between them, completing emails and more.

Catch and resolve issues before they affect your users

With robotic synthetic monitoring the bots are running through all your processes constantly throughout the day. When the bots find a problem, AppsWatch will report it immediately so you can fix it before anyone notices.

Results that you can act on

Get screenshots when failures occur

See exactly what appears for the users when the application doesn’t perform as expected. Share with your vendors and other teams to communicate and resolve problems quickly.

Drill down to the problem

See at a glance where the problems occur: from which component, transaction, and even down to the image or field that failed or was slow to appear.

Troubleshooting problem source

By placing bots at strategic locations, you can know immediately if problems are arising from the application server, network, or at the user desktop.

Predict with trends

Because the bots are executing well-defined transactions at controlled intervals, it is easy to see if the application performance degrades or improves over time. Or if there is degradation at certain regular times, showing system overloads.

Get proactive with robotic synthetic monitoring

Automai Watcher robotic engine makes synthetic monitoring easy. No coding – ever!

Build your custom workflow easily with the recorder. Simply click through the processes and the engine will observe and interpret what’s on the screen as you click and type.

See your scenario script displayed as actions anyone can understand (all the screen, keyboard, and mouse interactions that your real users perform.)

Play back your scripted transactions. Easily edit any portion and add logic with the scenario builder

Deploy bots to run these scenarios at regular intervals from all key locations where your users are located.

Simulate, measure, and compare the performance of your application over time, and from different locations.

“Troubleshooting time has been cut by almost 70%. There are so many angles to Epic and Meditech that it would sometimes take the whole department to find one little thing. Automai Watcher can quickly identify if it's a network or application problem so we can get to it and fix it sooner.”

Edgar Iraheta
Lead Engineer

Test even the most challenging work flow of your application

See it working in your environment in under an hour.