How will your Azure Virtual Desktop perform?

Test every step of your business process workflows for confidence in your Azure Virtual Desktop before and after deployment.

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Test any application running on Azure Virtual Desktop using REAL workflows

Automai Loader’s clean front end approach allows you to test all your critical business processes that run through Azure Virtual Desktop without installing anything on the host server, your apps, or the network.

See how long it takes your users to:

Ease transition to AVD

Simulate real end-user workflows to ensure real-world performance metrics are captured. Make data-driven decisions when sizing the future state Azure Virtual Desktop environment

Know the end-user response time at any step of the process, under any load

Automai’s robotic solution makes it easy.

Create scripts of your business process with ScenarioRecorder.

Quickly add logic, variables, loops, and rendezvous points

Deploy bots to simulate real users from key locations to find your performance bottlenecks.

See the response time of each step of your business process from all locations.

Get screenshots of errors with notes/timeline to share with team members, vendors or dev teams to solve issues quickly.

performance testing dashboard 01

See AppLoader in action in your own environment.

Maintain performance in production too!

Much more than availability monitoring.

Automai will continuously test your entire workflow, alerting when a key business process has failed.

From testing to monitoring in your live environment.

Deploy the same scripts from testing to your monitoring bots – saving time and ensuring continuity from Dev to Ops.

Why Automai for automation of Azure Virtual Desktop line of business applications?

"Automai's unique no-code, flow-based ScenarioBuilder greatly simplifies load testing by allowing you to test processes without writing custom scripts. The platform makes it easy to move from testing business-critical applications in Citrix and/or AVD, to testing them."

Shane Kleinert
Solutions Architect, Choice Solutions

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