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Citrix Azure AD

This script uses Azure AD/Office 365 AD to log in to Citrix desktop and launches NotePad in the virtual desktop, once it makes sure that Notepad is open, it logs off from Citrix and Azure. OnFailure the script’s set to log off Azure/Office 365 AD and close all windows.   IMPORTANT: To Use private browsing


This script uses ScenarioBuilder actions to accurately display the details of a website. Ping DNS lookup Page load time Search time Use case: We want to follow up or document reference time of certain indicators of a website, using for this use case scenario. Using Begin Transaction/End Transaction action before and after steps where

How to create a unique value variable.

Saving screenshots taken during scenario run.  Use a unique name for each screenshot. Increment screenshots taken using “Take Screenshot” action without having to overwrite the existing images from previous screenshots.   Use case: Saving screenshots taken during a scenario run using the action “Take Screenshot” might rewrite the existing screenshots taken before during previous runs

Hold CTRL and select multiple items

Select multiple items using ScenarioBuilder actions by holding down CTRL button and click on the objects to select. When the number of items to select is important, consider using the same principle. (Example: to select a start object (a file, document…) then hold SHIFT and click on end object to select a list of items